Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vrelo Bosne

Vrelo Bosne is a spring in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the source of the river Bosna, and one of the country's top natural landmarks.

Vrelo Bosne is found on the outskirts of Sarajevo, near the suburb of Ilid┼ża. One of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region, it is ironically located in Sarajevo's metro area.

After lack of maintenance during much of the 1990s, a giant revitalization project was launched in the year 2000. Local teenagers were led by international ecological organizations in the clean-up. By the end of the year, Vrelo Bosne was back to its former glory.

Today Vrelo Bosne is a thriving tourist attraction, both from foreigners visiting Sarajevo and from locals who wish to enjoy the nature. It consists of a number of small islands connected by bridges over the various little streams. A number of animals are kept in the park as well, such as ducks and swans. There are also numerous minor attractions in the park, such as horse rides, picnic sites and restaurants.

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